Dan Wood believes in a fair shot for all. That is why Dan’s focus is getting health care to every citizen, closing the income gap, improving public education, reforming the criminal justice system, fighting food insecurity, and putting a stop to dark money.

Health Care

Medicare For All
Health care is a right every citizen should enjoy no matter their income level. It is absurd how people living in the greatest and richest nation in the world still do not receive the health care they deserve. Dan believes that every citizen should have high-quality health care, which is why Dan will work in Washington for a Medicare for all single-payer healthcare system. This solution will guarantee health care as a right of citizenship in the United States.

Immediately Lower Medicare to 55
Dan understands that a single-payer system won't happen overnight. That's why he will immediately introduce legislation to lower the age threshold for Medicare to 55. Small businesses pay over $11,000 a year per person to insure employees 55-65 years of age. Lowering the age threshold will tremendously help small businesses in Texas and the U.S. by alleviating the burden of cost to employers. Furthermore, this will allow seniors to stay at work without worrying about losing their job or getting hours cut because of high health care costs.

Build Upon ACA
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a critical step moving toward an America with universal health care, but it did have its own set of issues. Dan believes in moving forward and building upon the successes of the ACA. He will work to make sure every citizen can enjoy health care even if he or she lives in a state that did not extend its Medicaid program under the ACA. The only way our country can lower health care costs is by having everyone covered.

Protect Medicare and Medicaid
Dan will work to sustain Medicare and Medicaid funding so that elderly citizens, Americans with disabilities, and individuals or families with limited resources can obtain the health care they need exactly when they need it. Until we can achieve a Medicare for all single-payer system, we must protect these health programs.

Income Inequality

Livable Wage
Ever-increasing income inequality is unacceptable for the wealthiest country in the history of the world. Upward economic mobility in America is becoming harder to attain because the rich get richer at the bottom 90-percentile’s expense. The federal minimum wage has not changed since 2009, but inflation has slashed the purchasing power for hard-working Americans who work for minimum wage. Dan will work in Washington to ensure all Americans who work full-time earn a livable wage.

Raise Minimum Wage
Dan will push an immediate $10.00 federal minimum wage and work to gradually increase it to $15.00 an hour. Also, he will introduce legislation to index the minimum wage to inflation annually so that hard-working Americans can have equivalent purchasing power each year.

Fair Share
Dan will work to ensure the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share in taxes by expanding the total number of income tax brackets, and shift the tax rate curve to higher brackets. This will protect the very backbone of the United States: the lower and middle classes and small businesses.

Equal Pay for Equal Work
Dan will fight to ensure every person is getting equal pay for equal work. Wage discrimination against women and minorities is unacceptable. Dan will support legislation that helps close the income gap for women and minorities to ensure people are paid for their hard work and paid what they deserve. 

Public Education

Invest In Education
When we invest in our children’s education, our entire society reaps the benefits. Education boosts economic growth and social capital, and we must invest in education so that our children can reach their full potential.

Support Teachers
Teaching is an honorable job, and we need to support teachers and equip them with the necessary resources they need in order to educate our children and young adults effectively. Nearly 1 in 5 teachers leave the education field after just 5 years. Dan will work to increase funding for teachers’ salaries to encourage experienced teachers to remain in the classroom. 
Technology In The Classroom
Dan will push for programs in schools that mesh technology with proven classroom techniques so that children and young adults can start ahead of the learning curve. No longer can we stand by and watch our children fall behind in international education rankings. Dan knows that we must embrace technology as the future of education.

STEM Research
Dan will promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education in Texas classrooms to equip students with the tools they need to succeed in the workforce after high school. Promoting STEM research and education in Texas will keep our state at the forefront of innovation and technology.

Criminal Justice

Common-Sense Reform
With 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, Dan knows firsthand how we need to reform our criminal justice system. Mass incarceration for non-violent offenders punishes taxpayers. Prisons are not equipped for treating mental health patients who need professional care. African American men are unlawfully imprisoned from systematic racial profiling. We need common-sense reforming of the criminal justice system that prioritizes treatment and rehabilitation over incarceration.

Non-Violent Drug Offenders
Dan will work to increase funding for Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers and other rehabilitation programs. Over 20% of incarcerated people are locked up for non-violent drug offenses, and a vast majority of those arrests are for drug possession, not for drug distribution or manufacturing. This mass incarceration costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Dan will work to overhaul the criminal justice system so that we will prioritize clinical treatment and rehabilitation over incarceration. Dan believes there are better ways to spend taxpayer dollars than by jailing non-violent drug offenders. Getting first-time offenders the treatment they need will not only keep them from repeat offenses, but it will also save taxpayer money. 

Dan will fight against racial profiling in the American justice system at all levels: federal, state, and local law enforcement. Black and Hispanic Americans are being threatened and humiliated by unlawful racial profiling. Every American citizen deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. Dan believes we need to bring communities together and end the us-versus-them mentality. 

Mental Health Treatment
Dan will work to fund mental health treatment programs for inmates who desperately need it. The Department of Justice reports more than half of all prison and jail inmates suffer from mental health problems. Clinical mental health treatment will help prevent future crimes by tackling inmates’ underlying issues and stop them from repeat offenses. Prisons and jails are not properly equipped to treat inmates for mental health issues, and our communities are suffering because of it. 

Law Enforcement Training
We need to equip our law enforcement officers with state-of-the-art training programs on issues like de-escalation, community policing, problem solving, crisis intervention, and officer safety and wellness. This training is an investment our communities need to support so that our police officers can stay safe. Dan will work to fund state-of-the-art law enforcement training programs to keep our officers and communities safe.

Agriculture & Food Security

Fighting Food Insecurity
Over 40 million Americans live in food-insecure households around the nation. In Texas, 1 in 7 households suffers from food insecurity. Supporting these households with American-grown produce will boost the agriculture sector, providing income to small-time farmers and ranchers.
Food Assistance Programs
Dan will work to sustain funding and support for country-wide food assistance programs such as: Meals on Wheels, Feeding America, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), The National School Lunch Program (NSLP), and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).
These programs help feed millions of people every day. They help children and adults stay healthy and away from doctors’ offices. These programs actually save taxpayers millions of dollars a year in healthcare costs. Further, food assistance programs boost the agriculture sector, especially for small-time farmers and ranchers.


Keep Dark Money Out
Dan will fight to keep dark money out of politics, and he will push legislation to reform campaign finance laws to keep anonymous money out of politics. Dan is a prime example of an average citizen running for office outside of corporate America, outside of the millionaire's circle, outside of corrupt politics. It is time to remove big money from politics and give Congressional seats back to the people. 

Oppose Oligarchy

Dan opposes the Citizens United v. F.E.C. decision and will work to stop corrupt corporate money from buying politicians. Without grassroots campaigns such as Dan's, the millionaires would arrest control of Congress from the people. Corporations already invest their money in politics only to earn more later. The people of Texas and America lose when the millionaires and corporations have their way. That is why Dan will work in Washington to represent you, the people, and not just the affluent. 

Dan will enforce transparency within government and ensure every facet of government is held to a strict ethical standard. The Fifth District seat belongs to the people, so Dan will make sure to represent everyone in the district, listen to constituents, and be approachable and open to feedback.