My name is Dan Wood, and I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas' 5th Congressional District. I am the unopposed Democrat on the 2018 Democratic Primary ballot. This campaign is one of many around the county challenging the Trump administration's efforts to undermine our democracy. A vote for Dan Wood is a vote for change.
Texas' 5th Congressional District

Dan needs your vote!

"I support Dan Wood for Congress because he possesses the intellectual ability, the perseverance, and integrity necessary to serve and make a great Congressman. Dan has been actively involved in his community all his adult life, endeavoring to improve people's lives. I know how hard Dan works on behalf of his clients and those in his neighborhood and community." 
- Lois Parrott, Former Dallas ISD President & Trustee
"I endorse Dan because he has been looking out for the little guy for years and will continue to as our Congressman."
- Bob Brown
"I support Dan Wood because he is a native East Texan whose roots go deep in this Congressional district. He is trustworthy and hard working."
- Sarah Whitaker 
"I endorse Dan Wood because he is a good man who does what is right and has served the people of the 5th District for years." 
- Richard Holloway
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